Unfair Trade Practices, Unlawful Merchandising, and Consumer Protection

The Kane Law Office assists clients who have been the subject of deceptive and unfair practices in the purchase of merchandise, and utilizes the provisions contained in state consumer protection laws, including the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act (“MMPA”) and the Kansas Consumer Protection Act (“KCPA”), to assist with these issues.

We can represent clients in lawsuits alleging deceptive or unfair business practices, including the following issues:

  • Insurance
  • Automotive sales
  • Automotive repair
  • Construction and home repair
  • Predatory collection practices
  • Other fraud and deceptive business practices

Brandon Kane, the principal member of the Kane Law Office, has an incredible depth and breadth of experience with unfair trade practices and unlawful merchandising litigation, serving as counsel for a Fortune 100 company and also as an associate attorney with a Kansas City-based AM Law 100 Law Firm.  Mr. Kane is able to assist clients with complex and sophisticated litigation related to these issues, coupled with the personalized attention, flexibility, efficiency, and more favorable cost and rate structure that a small law office can provide.

If you have been the subject of deceptive and unfair trade practices, please contact the Kane Law Office at (816) 229-2708 or email us at brandon@bkanelaw.com.