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We can assist with speeding tickets and traffic tickets in Kansas City, Independence, and throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area in Kansas and Missouri

The traffic lawyers at the Kane Law Office are here to assist you with a wide variety of speeding and traffic tickets throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.  Speeding and traffic tickets can affect your insurance, your employment, and potentially even your privilege to drive.  The Kane Law Office knows that your time is valuable, and does its best to handle your case in a cost effective and expedient manner.

We have assisted hundreds clients with getting their traffic law violations and speeding tickets amended, reduced, or dismissed throughout the entire Kansas City metropolitan area, and are licensed to practice in Missouri and Kansas.

For almost all speeding tickets, and for many other traffic violations, we can represent you without you ever needing to appear in court, allowing you to spend your valuable time with your family or at your job.   In more serious cases, such as those involving a DUI or DWI, driving while suspended, or cases involving accidents, your appearance may be required.  

  • No Points

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We are able assist with a wide variety of matters, including:

  • Speeding Tickets
  • DUI/DWI charges
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Other Traffic Violations
    • No insurance or driving without insurance
    • Driving while suspended or revoked
    • Leaving the scene
    • License suspensions and reinstatement
    • Failure to appear and warrants
    • Obedience to signs
    • Traffic Lane violations
    • Aggressive driving
    • Illegal U-Turns or One-Way/Wrong way violations
    • Commercial Drivers License (“CDL”) issues
    • Construction zone  and school zone violations

    And more….

Under Missouri’s typical plea process, we will work with the prosecutor to amend the charge from speeding to a nonmoving violation such as a “defective equipment” charge that does not go on your driving record or have the other serious negative consequences associated with a speeding conviction.  As part of a typical plea to the nonmoving violation, they will typically raise the standard posted fine.  The amount of the enhanced fine depends on the specific jurisdiction and prosecutor involved.

In Kansas, the typical process is a little different.  Some cities and municipalities allow a plea/modification process similar to that in Missouri.  Other cities involve a diversion procedure, in which the driver must agree to abide by certain restrictions for a prescribed period of time in order to have the speeding ticket amended to a nonmoving violation.  This diversion process is becoming more and more prevalent.

Contact our Office.  Because courts and prosecutors can vary significantly regarding the applicable amendment fines, court costs, and their willingness to enter into plea agreements or diversions, we ask that you provide us with your ticket information to get an initial estimate.  To provide us the information necessary for us to assist you with your ticket, please fill out our Contact Form or send us your ticket information via email or fax at (816) 229-7278.

In our experience, most types of cases can result in a plea bargain (or diversion) that will result in an increased fine amount in exchange for a plea to a non-moving violation. In some cases, a plea bargain is not available, in which case, we have the education, knowledge and experience to offer our clients a strong and vigorous defense.

Our office follows up with you.  After you provide this information, we will then review your ticket, and let you know our flat fee amount as well as an estimate of what the fees, fines and court costs are likely to be if we are able to work out an amendment with the prosecutor.  Your fine amount to the court will depend on the individual jurisdiction, the severity of the charge, your driving record or other factors.

Payment.  We will then discuss payment options.  Once you have decided to use my firm’s services, we request that clients  pay for our services with a credit card (we take credit cards via our website, over the phone or in person), cash (in person only), or or by a check (if there are at least two weeks before your court date).  In some jurisdictions, we also request that the client pay me the estimated costs of the fine amount and court costs, which we will in turn pay to the court on your behalf.  In other cases, once we have reached an agreement with the prosecutor, you are able pay the court directly.

We Represent You.  After we have agreed on the above, my office will begin working on your case in an attempt to work out a plea, diversion, reduction in charges, or other agreement with the prosecutor.  When this process has been completed, we will send a letter or email notifying you of your case’s disposition and include a receipt from the court.

"The Kane Law Office ... handled everything at a much cheaper rate than other lawyers in town. After contacting Brandon he said the process was real simple and stepped me thru everything I needed to know and how it all worked... All I had to do was give him the ticket information and took it from there, updating me whenever something new came up and finally when it was all said and done. As promised Brandon took care of everything and my ticket was reduced down so that it did not affect my insurance, faster than I thought also. It was completely hassle free and handled in a very professional manner, less stressful than I thought possible. Can’t thank them enough"

− T. Wilson

"Brandon was awesome when dealing with my speeding ticket. I talked to my insurance broker and he told me to get my ticket taken care of. Brandon emailed me back within 5 minutes, His price was great and my ticket was taken care of 24 hours later, paid and done. This was so easy and worth not having this ticket on my record. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a quick ticket fix!"

− Lindsay S.

"I was running late to work one morning and in my haste I forgot to watch my speedometer closely. Bam!! A very nice KCMO policeman gave me a speeding ticket but he could have made it worse... A quick internet search brought me to Brandon Kane's website and within a few days Brandon had taken care of my ticket for an excellent price! The process was very easy and I highly recommend the Kane Law Office to anyone who needs help with a traffic violation. Thanks again Brandon!"

− Sam S.

"This was done quicker, more efficient, and was a lot easier than it had been in the past with other law offices that had done the same thing for me. Brandon is very trust worthy, personable, and knowledgeable. I knew when he said he would get it taken care of; that it would be take care of.....I was surprised at how quickly it was done. There’s no doubt in my mind that I will go back to Brandon when/if I need help with any legal matters in the future. Check him out….you’ll be glad you did!"

− Ryan O.

"My daughter got two tickets in KCMO. A speeding ticket for speeding 36+ MPH over the limit and No Proof of Insurance. Brandon's fee was very reasonable and he kept both tickets off her driving record! Nice guy too!"

− Conetha R.

"Brandon was referred to me by one of his associates, after an initial conversation I decided to utilize his services. Very happy with the outcome, Brandon is professional, effective and courteous. I would not hesitate to use Brandon for future legal issues nor would I hesitate referring friends."

− Patrick - Riverside, MO

"The Kane Law Office made my bad driving experience into a painless one. They are very quick to respond and communicate every option that you have available. After agreeing to represent me, my case was closed within 1 business day! I would highly recommend the Kane Law Firm to anyone who is having an issue with traffic tickets. 5* Yelp Review."

− JW – Platte City

"I highly recommend Kane Law. They handled my case quickly and affordably. Professionalism and communication is superb. 5* Yelp review."

− Tim – St. Louis

"As others have said, communication with Brandon was stellar. He promptly handled my traffic ticket and provided me with a receipt of payment to the city. His price was very fair as well. 5* Yelp review."

− Shane – Independence

"It was easy. I just e-mailed my info to the Kane Law Office professionals, and they took care of my speeding ticket at an affordable, up-front price. "

− Dane L.

"I worked with Brandon on a traffic ticket. This was my first time dealing with something like this, and he was great about clearly explaining what my options were and what I could expect. Communication was great and he had the issue resolved in no time! I would highly recommend him. 5* Yelp review."

− Kara – Mission

"Brandon did a great job taking care of the speeding ticket my son received. Since we had moved here from the east coast, he explained the process (which is different than what is done in NC) and handled everything. I would highly recommend him."

− Laurie - Olathe

"I have to say I was very surprised how responsive he was in getting the ticket amended... I met him in person to talk about the process. He was very professional and kept me informed by email. Emails were sent almost immediately after my ticket was amended. Definitely a trustworthy person - I didn't worry a bit about getting my speeding ticket taken care of after talking to Brandon. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family and to anyone who reads this review."

− Speeding ticket client - Kansas City, MO

"After my initial contact, we returned my call within a couple of hours, and had all the answers to my myriad of questions. He was knowledgeable in the county in which my violation occurred, accurately explained the detailed process of how to go about getting it resolved, and all costs associated with it....The pricing was fair and reasonable, and clearly explained where the fees generated from. I would 100% recommend Brandon Kane for any traffic violations."

− Geoffrey - Independence